3D Mink Lashes are Good for your Skin. Here’s Why

Are you all about the new 3D mink lash revolution? Do you love how lush and voluminous they make your naturals look? Great! Us too. Plus, we have even more good reasons for you and your whole squad to make these babies part of your routine, whether you have a red carpet event to rock or just want to slay all day.

Today we’re going to talk about how these velvety wonders not only make your eyes pop, but can actually be good for the health of your real lashes, and for your overall skincare routine.

Your real lashes won’t dry out

Aside from making your lashes look fuller and lusher, opting to use 3D mink lashes over mascara can also be a healthier option all around. Using mascara on a daily basis – especially if you’re not using a good quality product – can actually dry out your lashes and cause breakage. Hey, we’re not judging! Sometimes a drugstore steal can seem really tempting, but you should know that there are consequences and that you get what you pay for, literally.

Waterproof mascara is particularly bad for this, but the truth is, almost all mascara – even higher-quality brands – can still put those lashes at risk for breakage, thanks to common ingredients like parabens and Propylene Glycol, which increase brittleness.

The good news? 3D mink lashes don’t coat your natural ones with anything, leaving them free to breathe and free from chemical residue. The adhesive we sell that’s used to fasten them is medical grade and made from high-quality ingredients, so it’s easy to apply, easy to remove and won’t put your naturals at risk for damage.

No breakage here! Just full, voluminous lashes that are enough to give any A-lister a serious case of envy.

Less makeup remover means better skin

Speaking of mascara … don’t you think that one of the worst parts about wearing eye makeup is taking it off? The constant action of removing your eye makeup can be hard on your skin in a number of ways. Firstly, the product itself can be drying or irritating – once again, thanks to alcohol-based ingredients, which are common in these kinds of substances – especially if you’re using it on a daily basis.

Secondly, the constant rubbing that happens when you’re washing your face, even with gentle tools like cotton balls, can play a part in stretching or irritating the skin.

With our 3D mink lashes, there’s no need for harsh mascara remover, because there’s no need for mascara, period. In fact, many dedicated mink lash enthusiasts find their daily eye makeup use goes down significantly, because these lashes are so full and dramatic that they make your eyes pop all by themselves. Going au natural has never looked so glamorous!

Isn’t it great when you find a product that not only makes you look amazing but saves you time and has actual benefits? We love that! That’s why we’re so excited about this ultra-soft, ultra-glam line that is as good for you as it looks on you. To learn more about our products click here.

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