High-end Custom Box

We started to produce mink lashes five years ago. When we started, we produced more than 100 pairs of 3D mink lashes each time and gave free experiences to our workers, friends and customers. Then,we will ask them some questions,such as, does mink lashes feel comfortable? Do you feel natural when you look in the mirror? How soft is the mink lashes line? Everyone will fill in a survey report after each experience. By this way, we can improve the quality of the product .

As the scale of our factory expands, at the same time, our quality requirements for products are getting higher and higher.

We recently launched some high-end custom suits.

It includes eyeliner, mink lashes and tweezer. The pink design is more beautiful and unique. And we can all provide customized services, you can have a design of your own .

This is my favorite eyelash style, it is a natural style, it is not very heavy after wearing, very comfortable.
Highly Recommended !!!

If you really want to run a brand, you have to choose the best quality 3D mink lashes.

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