How To Stick False Eyelash To Appear Natural And Harmonious

Do a beginner’s tutorial on how to clip eyelashes and trim false eyelashes, glue, etc. Make an exquisite pig girl every day.

Actually a lot of people can make up but can’t stick false eyelash, teach very simple how to stick false eyelash today, different false eyelash has different stick law. Prepare before you paste the eyelashes. Use eyelash clip to clip become warped eyelash is to be mixed with false eyelash radian perfect coincident won’t so false, eyelash should clip become warped, but do not want too go up become warped, want to stick to the Angle of false eyelash as far as possible, try to clip at the beginning not droop good. If you put too much on your eyelashes, you can make your eyes uncomfortable, just a little bit.

Shorter, more natural, disposable false eyelashes. One-time false eyelash should clip, general one-time false eyelash is softer should use forceps clip take just not easy out of shape. Clip the end of the false eyelash and pull it out so it doesn’t deform. General false eyelash won’t suit his eye range, want to choose so clip to suit length, take false eyelash to go before cutting than eye eyelash range, see long how many need to cut. Hold the false eyelashes with tweezers and spread the glue on the bottom of the false eyelashes instead of the side. Don’t immediately put the glue on your eyes until the glue is translucent and sticky. Forceps to assist when you need to, a false eyelash tweezers clip in the middle of the position, to aim at the center of the eye position, stick in the middle of the most close to the eyelashes, fixed central location on the tail of the canthus tail to the fixed eyelashes, false eyelashes head in to eye on the head, if didn’t stick well during the glue didn’t dry along the line it is good to go outside, in the slowly pushed down inside, let false eyelash more firmly. For a better fit between the fake and the eyelashes, use a pair of tweezers to clip the real and fake eyelashes through the end of the clip, so that they fit perfectly. The stalk of false eyelash must be completely close the root that encloses in oneself true eyelash, be like oneself grow out same, such ability looks natural and won’t have to disobey feeling again.

It takes a completely dry eyelash to brush the mascara so that the false eyelashes look thicker, more natural and more solid. Then in the process of brush in order not to create the fly leg, the roots of the eyelash on the left and right brush, and then brush to the middle of the eyelash on a brush lightly over, so that it will not be very fake and very thick.

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