New Styles About Naturl Mink Lashes

HeyMe Lashes is a Wholesale Mink Lashes in China. We are a professional handcraft Mink Eyelash Vendors and Wholesale Mink Lashes business 10 Years. We have 20mm mink lashes, 25mm mink lashes, 28mm mink lashes, Siberian mink strip lashes and 3d mink lashes. Our lashes have been exported to USA and Europe countries with good reputation.

Today we mainly recommend some nature mink lashes.

These models are our best-selling models in 2019. These styles look more natural and fluffy.

As the best selling style, not only because of its fashionable style, but also because of its superior quality. These styles look more natural and fluffy.

Our customers keep praising our products and give us a lot of good comments.

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