One Of the World’s Four Major Express Delivery: DHL

DHL is a global leader in express delivery, intercontinental transportation and air cargo, and the world’s number one shipping and contract logistics provider.

In mainland China, DHL and China’s Foreign Trade and Transportation Corporation jointly established DHL, a Chinese courier company. It is the earliest and most experienced international express delivery company entering the Chinese market. DHL has one of the world’s most complete express delivery networks, reaching 120,000 destinations in 220 countries and territories. The market share in China has reached 36 percent.

Advantages of DHL International Express Service: Provide global delivery service, timely and accurate tracking and query, provide packaging inspection and design services, customs agent service and strong customs clearance delivery service to solve all your worries. DHL international express price advantage: goods under 20 kg of small goods and 21KG or more large goods prices are extremely cheap. And more than 21 kg of goods have a separate large price, the price of large goods in some areas is lower than the international EMS, super-cost. DHL international express time advantage: 2-4 working days under normal conditions, the goods are global. Especially in Europe and Southeast Asia, it is extremely fast. It takes only two working days to go to Southeast Asia for three working days in Europe. The delivery network is spread all over the world, and the status of the goods on the website is updated in time and accurately.

Advantages of DHL International Express Line: Establishing the service line of European special line and surrounding countries. The service speed is fast, the track is complete, safe, reliable, convenient to query, and has strong customs clearance ability in the United States and Western Europe. The world is the vast majority of express goods are operated through DHL.

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